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The Little Red boat is not so little! It is 10m in length, 5m wide and and you can walk all the way around. This provides our guest with 25m of fishing space, the most room of any boat in Brighton.

From £400

4 Hours

1-4 guests : £400
4-10 guests : £600

It is better value to assemble a group of 10 but we are happy to take smaller groups too

We can take a max of 12 guests in total so if you have a larger group we charge each additional guest at £60 per person (so a group of 12 would be £720)

From £800

8 hours

Because of scheduling we only offer 4 hour trips. If you wish to fish for longer then this would be 8hrs (2 x 4hr trips)

If you have enjoyed inshore fishing with us and want to fish Offshore where the variety and size of fish is bigger you can book an 8-12hr Offshore trip with us here


Bespoke Events

We have a full sized gas BBQ onboard and are happy to make this available to our guests to cook your catch whilst onboard.

Other Trips available include (Please ask for details): 

Windfarm tours
7 sisters
Beachy head
Catch & cook
Evening bbq
Beach concerts